*after Dick Laurie By Janice S. Fuller How do I forgive the passage of years,the melancholy of remindersas I sit in Starbucks writing. Businessmen do deals,tutors teach their students,nurses study for exams,loners treasure time alone.Espresso squirts a whssssh!Adele serenades us. Laughter, squealsof babies rocked in car seats by their mothers.Doors slam. Suddenly I’m disoriented atContinue reading “Years”


By Dana May I am a squeamish person. My body overreacts to certain triggers, causing my heart rate and blood pressure to drop suddenly. I learned the technical name for this—vasovagal syncope—following an ER visit after fainting while driving. Thinking too much about something stuck in my eye sparked that particular episode. After CAT scans,Continue reading “Temptation”

My Quarantine Birthday

By Kate Pashby we entered the virtual strip clubor rather, we all played the prerecordedstrip show at the same timehalf a dozen queers in thesolitude of our own homes I Venmoed the hottest strippera redhead with thigh-highblack boots and nipple ringsand she messaged me soon after“Was this a mistake?I don’t think we know each other”beforeContinue reading “My Quarantine Birthday”

Cast Iron Skillet

By Sarah Henry A TV cook says,“If you don’t havea cast iron skillet,you have no life!”He waves his ownto warn the viewers. Mine is used forbaking cornbread.Southern style lackssugar. A new typehas added protein.Another’s madesweet with honey.I want all three. I love the wetblend of eggsand cornmealsliding throughmy mouth easily.Guilty pleasuresmean carb bombs,not Keto fare.Continue reading “Cast Iron Skillet”

After-School Mumble Rap With Tevin

By Liz Posner Every day after school, the squeak of rubber on linoleum told me Tevin had arrived. I’d been a Title I classroom teacher for one week, and already Tevin Walker latched on to me like a duckling. He rolled his bicycle into my classroom for tutoring, whether he needed help with an assignmentContinue reading “After-School Mumble Rap With Tevin”