Sempre Avanti

By Dana May Someone I dated during the beginning of the pandemic said that she thought landscape paintings were boring. She said it as a fact: “Landscapes are boring,” referring specifically to a small, stark winter scene that her roommate had hung on their living room wall. This was one of the relatively few timesContinue reading “Sempre Avanti”


By Michele Mekel I walk in the woods, by streams, over rocks.Each step: prayer, petition, offering— To the trillium peeking shyly through the carpet of last year’s leaves, To the thorny black locust that I’m drawn— against all rational judgment—to caress, To the corvid troubadour who announces my approach— a sovereign from a land merelyContinue reading “Meditation”


By Karla Linn Merrifield His was the beastliestof kisses,delivered by a mustang stallionon velutinous lips,kiss from Equus ferus caballusto the most fearsome femaleof all:Homo sapiens sapiens—in answerto her first command.He’d nudged me as if to sayawaken.With eyes yet closed in dreamsto morning,I asked for a favor:Kiss me.And he obeyed.But it was I who wastamed.I wasContinue reading “Mastering”

Protective Structures

By Sam Rauer Four days after Santa Con last year, I was faced with a surprising development. Seemingly overnight, stretches of scaffolding had materialized in front of my residence, located on a quiet, residential block of brick buildings and homes with front lawns. Not only was there no construction in sight, there were no postings,Continue reading “Protective Structures”

Splendor in the Los Altos Grass

By Gerard Sarnat “Money can’t buy me love.”-The Beatles We can affirmretail therapyindulgencesdo not bringhappiness, butHavad Biz School*says cash doesbuy us timeand well-being:choose to disentangle,live in the forest,on the beach,close to work.Housekeepers.Gourmet take-out— or when that leadsto complacency —hedonic adaptation— clean or cook foryourself plus family.Didn’t expect empathybut what the fuck,frankly this strikesmoi as self-evident,self-satisfiedContinue reading “Splendor in the Los Altos Grass”