Issue #1: Subways

Issue 1 of Embryo Concepts
Originally Published on December 18, 2019

Subway Loop

By Joe Markell Where there once was darkness, there was light.  A human dressed in a uniform grabbed Bottle out of a container and lifted him into the light. Bottle squinted as he was carried toward rows of different bottles stacked neatly together in a grid. The human set him in front of a rowContinue reading “Subway Loop”

Gristle in Times Square

By Shieva Salehnia I had dreamed of New York as a gritty, glistening, dark paradise. Steaming and winding streets, some lined in cobblestone, and the smell of putrid river water splashing up against concrete barriers that keep the East River from making contact with its observers above. I imagined the conglomerate feeling more than anyContinue reading “Gristle in Times Square”

Embryo Concepts

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