Issue #4: Classifieds

Issue 4 of Embryo Concepts
Published on July 29, 2021

The Scooter

By A.S. Callaghan When my father died, my mother was left with the task of selling his Vespa-style scooter. She had wanted to get rid of it for years, out of fear my ailing father was going to hurt himself or, worse yet, someone else while riding it. But my dad clung to the scooterContinue reading “The Scooter”

Bucolic Plague

by Dana May I came across the ad while cruising the W4W Craigslist page in the basement of my law school library.  I clicked on “Looking to Start a Lesbian Escort Service,” not bothering to check over my shoulder for any potential witnesses.  My queerness, at that point in my life, seeped out of meContinue reading “Bucolic Plague”

False Advertising

 by Debbie Peters  Five years ago I answered this personal ad:Mint ConditionMale, 1932 model, high mileage but low maintenance.Repaired parts, but new valves and fine exterior.Not in running condition but idles well. My reply:Fixer-UpperFemale, built circa WWII, excellent value.Strong foundation, normal wear and tear excepted.Minor cosmetic defects. Needs TLC Last week the Court decreed:Divorce granted—false advertising.

The Funnies

By Shieva Salehnia Instead of being a dentist, I should be writing the funnies. Sitting next to the guys who cut up the classifieds.  I would try out my lines on them, and we would play pun gamesWe’d lend each other cigarettes Get burgers together at lunch Beers after hours sometimes  I could draw little figuresContinue reading “The Funnies”

Personal ad

By Angela van Son Pair of healthy lungsseeks talllong leggedbrown eyedbig nosedcurly hairedaverage boobedbig heartedhumorouswisewoman about 38 years of age to make her happy

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