An Introduction

We published the first issue of Embryo Concepts in December of 2019. Appropriate for a group of writers based in New York, we started off with the theme ‘Subways’.  The zine was born from our Wednesday evening writing group, which met regularly every week in rotating apartments and the 6BC community garden in the East Village, and occasionally, in the empty, after-hours conference rooms of our office buildings. There was Dana’s apartment in Alphabet City, where we drank wine and ate chicken sandwiches, Joseph’s art-filled Red Hook loft, and Sam’s too small living room where we spread on the floor and left covered in dog hair. There was cheese, and crackers and joints. There were cats.

During 2020, the writing group moved to Zoom and became an outlet for sustaining a routine – a regular creative practice. It was also a chance to connect and share updates about life and the constantly changing world. Since ‘Subways’, Embryo Concepts has expanded to include submissions from around the globe and has published six issues, with the current issue being lucky number seven.

‘Quirks’ feels special since the original writing group has contributed pieces, as well as other new members of the Embryo Concepts circle. We have poetry, essays, fiction, and artwork. And as always, this issue was a labor of love. Our editors have day jobs, and we create because we desire to put something of our own into the world, thrilled to connect with audiences in ways outside of the ordinary 9 to 5 or the parallel grind of “making it” in the art/writing world. We hope the zine can continue to be a home for artists and sensitive souls with something to share, regardless of their background. As Mary Oliver said,

“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”

 With love,
The Editors

Photography by Derek Weng

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