Cast Iron Skillet

By Sarah Henry A TV cook says,“If you don’t havea cast iron skillet,you have no life!”He waves his ownto warn the viewers. Mine is used forbaking cornbread.Southern style lackssugar. A new typehas added protein.Another’s madesweet with honey.I want all three. I love the wetblend of eggsand cornmealsliding throughmy mouth easily.Guilty pleasuresmean carb bombs,not Keto fare.Continue reading “Cast Iron Skillet”

A Veteran of Love and Self-Pity

By Shieva Salehnia No one writes as beautiful of words for meas they do for the damned.The heartbreak, more beautiful than the bloom. It ain’t every day Paris of Troy comes knocking,even if his timing’s off.He says he hadn’t had that much to drink.And for me,everything’s tipping and falling. It’s hard to forget how goodContinue reading “A Veteran of Love and Self-Pity”

After-School Mumble Rap With Tevin

By Liz Posner Every day after school, the squeak of rubber on linoleum told me Tevin had arrived. I’d been a Title I classroom teacher for one week, and already Tevin Walker latched on to me like a duckling. He rolled his bicycle into my classroom for tutoring, whether he needed help with an assignmentContinue reading “After-School Mumble Rap With Tevin”

Hype v. Devastating

By Dana May In one part of the Brodsky Quartet version of Bjork’s “Hyperballad,” the strings take you to the cliff where Bjork keeps returning to help her feel safe with her mountaintop companion.  I allowed the song to throw me off the edge, like car-parts, bottles, and cutlery, with that one slide in the violin solo, asContinue reading “Hype v. Devastating”

Gristle in Times Square

By Shieva Salehnia I had dreamed of New York as a gritty, glistening, dark paradise. Steaming and winding streets, some lined in cobblestone, and the smell of putrid river water splashing up against concrete barriers that keep the East River from making contact with its observers above. I imagined the conglomerate feeling more than anyContinue reading “Gristle in Times Square”