are you new here?

By Finche Greene

i’m not too sure 
how much space i take up 
but i know it’s a lot—
i can never imagine my body 
as anything more than a cut-out 
photo pasted into every room 
i’ve ever been in, edges
sharp against the rest of the scene
smiling like i don’t know
i’m out of place here
or anywhere really—well, i hope 
you’re a good talker
because i’ve never met a ledge 
i didn’t wanna get close to
never met a punishment
i couldn’t mousetrap myself into
i mean, i love bad tv & boys 
with firework lifespans & 
i can turn just about anything 
into a long story if given the chance
i’m bad at math & obsessed 
with keeping score
i’ve only ever been too much

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