I Have No Earth in My Natal Chart
 and Mabel Longhetti

By Sam Rauer

I Have No Earth in My Natal Chart 

But I take vitamins 
And I eat dirt. 
I eat buttered toast, 
I have sand in my shoes 
And spend more on Eau de Sens 
Than on an Uber back to my apartment 
From dinner on a Saturday 
So that counts for something. 
I never think about money. 
Even in August, when sleep escapes. 
Tossing in dirty sheets, 
The cats fucking loudly. 
Box fan unrelenting and useless. 
It is not them whose hands I imagine 
Pushing on my back, 
Helping me to walk. 

Mabel Longhetti

Last night I ruined myself, 
Let it out, one might say 
Let my guard stray, spit blood, 
Fell down the tunnel, forever 
Muted and unknown. 
I’m too ugly and you’re too 
Pretty, Mabel Longhetti 

_________Made spaghetti, 
_________What’s the crime? 
_________Screw those guys. 

_________We all are you, 
_________Believe it’s true. 
_________Or who will.

Photography by Derek Weng

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